2018 Will Be the Year of…

Like any other person in this world, I have made my own list of New Year’s Resolutions, however, I feel like any human can do that, too, so I decided to choose a word that could signify how I want to live my life this year, 2018. For me, I want 2018 to be the year of living BOLDLY. I know that is a very broad term, but I chose this word for many reasons. Often times, I would feel like I would half-ass things, or not fully go for things that I really wanted because either 1-they scared me or 2-I was too lazy to even try. There are so many things that I want to do and want to experience, and we literally do not know when it will be our time to die (so morbid but so dang true). So this year I want to continue writing, love people better, go for things that I would never imagine myself going for, be more brave and courageous, do everything with lots of love, and live more for God’s Kingdom, rather than living for this world.

Writing (and this blog) are huge passions of mine. This blog has helped me land some pretty amazing jobs (Pink, collegefashionista, etc.) I know people have their own opinions about why I write, but honestly, people will always have their opinions in whatever it is that you do, so you just have to continue pursuing things that make YOU happy, even though people will never understand. And that’s okay. You were not created to listen to people’s mean judgments over the things that make you feel alive. So this year, I will continue writing more, even though, in the past, it would scare me because I worried too much about what people would think. I encourage you to go after all of the things that bring happiness into your life. Whether that is writing, singing, playing an instrument, running for a position in a club, making a YouTube channel and posting videos, etc. I would hate to look back on my life and regret that I let those people, or even myself, stop me from using my gifts, and worrying too much about what people would think if I did this or that.

I want to love people better. Before I read “The Uninvited” by Lysa Terkreust, I did not realize that I needed to learn how to live loved. I want to pursue people better, invite them to hang out, not isolate myself so much like I did all of last semester, encourage better, be kinder, etc. Everyone has shit they are going through, but it is always helpful to have a friend who is always there for you no matter what. I want to be that kind of friend. A friend like Ruth in the Bible, who was so faithful and loyal to Naomi, even though Naomi was not the greatest person ever hahah. Showing people Jesus’s love and grace is a huge resolution for not only this year, but for the rest of my life.

For me, 2017 was an amazing year (probably the best year of my life to be honest haha), and I can’t even fathom what 2018 will bring. Waking up with a grateful heart every morning, knowing that God has so much in store for me, despite whatever my situation is, and realizing that I have everything inside of me to live a healthy & joyful life are all things that I must constantly remind myself that I obtain already. You are the source of what you want your life to be like, and it is never too late to create it the way you want to.

Xoxo, K


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